Awards & Recognisation

Yuva Bhaskar Samman

Place – Vasai, Mumbai (Maharastra)

Year – 2010

This award was given for special contribution in forming Mewar Jain Navyuvak Mandal by motivating youth of Jain Samaj in Mumbai and nearby areas.

Jain Muni Mayaram Sadbhawana Samman

Place – Sonipat (Haryana)

Year – 2009

This award was given for the work around Ancient Pandulipies. Dr. Amit Rai Jain had given a great effort for listing, collection and conservation of these Pandulipies. He also worked for the published version of several unpublished Pandulipies.

Sher-e-Hind Samman

Place – Ludhiyana (Punjab)

Year – 2010

This award was given for the superb organization of Ardh-Shatabdhi Mahotsav (Event for Jain Acharya Shri Aatmaram Ji Maharaj) and grand festival of Jain Youths; Aatm Naman Yatra: Janm Bhoomi Se Karm Bhoomi

Samaajik Prerak Samman

Place – Baraut (Uttar Pradesh)

Year – 2006

This award was given by Bharat Vikas Parishad for organizing various social, cultural and religious events in Baraut.

Khidmat Award

Place – Baraut (Uttar Pradesh)

Year – 2010

This award was given for his special efforts for connecting Minority Muslim Society of Western Uttar Pradesh with educational and national thought process.

Nishaan-e-Basaud Samman

Place – Kranti Gram Basaud (Uttar Pradesh)

Year – 2008

This award was given by Minority Muslim Society for his work regarding the research of Unknown History of whole village Basaud and its valuable contribution in the revolt of 1857. Dr. Amit Rai Jain had given his efforts for the official identification of this village as Kranti Gram and renowned Jama Masjid in this village as Kranti Sthal.

Samaj Bhushan Samman

Place – Pali Marvad (Rajsthan)

Year – 2012

This award was given in the function organized on the occasion of swargarohan divas of Jain Muni Marudhar Kesri Shri Mishrimal Ji Maharaj. Dr. Amit Rai Jain had given sincere efforts in grouping Jain Youth by travelling many states of India along with leaders of Jain Society from Rajsthan.

Global Achiever Award

Place – Bangkok (Thailand)

This was given in the International Conference organized by Global Achievers Foundation. This award was given him for his sincere work of organizing events to motivate youth in India.