Being Indian

India is a country having values of millions years. You will find various religions, languages and traditions in our country. Thus, there are multiple approaches to define the feeling of being Indian. Dr. Amit Rai Jain also has his own definition about the term; Indian.

Being Indian: Being religious

According to him,” When you are living in a nation with such a great level of versatility, then there is no space of strong feelings in favor of some religion or tradition. Adaptability is the virtue of Indian Culture. This is nothing like a new concept as there are multiple proofs in India History. With all sorts of Pros and Cons, Indians had always welcomed the culture of adaptability. From Mugal period to British period, India and its people had adopted several concepts in their day to day lives from other country’s culture.”

Dr. Amit Rai Jain firmly believes that one should not fear to face the need of improvement in his society circle. One should always be a strong believer in his religious values. But, it should be with a good level of respect for other’s religious values and traditions. According to him, “Being Indian means, you are a great follower of sayings of your religious leaders and never misinterprets theories of other religions.” Dr. Amit Rai Jain loves to be active in all sorts of religious activities in Sthanakvasi Jain Samaj and also, takes part in various religious activities of other dharmas. Last year, he had initiated a social organisation; Sarvdharm Ekta Parishad

This is an organisation that works for spreading communal harmony and several religious leaders are assisting Dr. Amit Rai Jain in this noble work.

Being Indian: Being Informed – Technology Usage

The next aspect of today’s Indian is Great Use of Technology. Shri. Amit Rai Jain also believes that a social reformation is incomplete without the proper usage of technology. According to him, “When we are up to reforming our villages and small towns, we need to adopt technology. But, usage of technology should be in a good manner. Today’s era is of Information. You can’t grow if you are not well informed about happenings around the world. IT plays an important role in everyone’s life. We all can see the huge usage of social media and apps. We need to understand that it is good and necessary… but, we also require to mind its usage for the welfare of people.

Note – Dr. Amit Rai Jain is pretty active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This website is also his vision to spread good thoughts and his activities. This can inspire others to do something good for the society on their level. Follow him on Facebook to know more about him…

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Being Indian: Being Motivator

 According to him,”One must find out chances to motivate at least one person around him/her. We all have our sad stories, pains and troubles. But, we must rise above them to spread positiveness.” Being with Dr. Amit Rai Jain, you will always feel motivated. His words and works are always inspirational to many in his social circle.

He is actively working to motivate youth to do good about society and this country. Dr. Amit Rai Jain had formed a group named as “Bhartiya Yuva Kranti Dal” along with few good friends. This group have a good number of young followers. Bhartiya Yuva Kranti Dal works for spreading values in young generation and actively works for boosting love for the country in India Youth.

Along with this, Dr. Amit Rai Jain is also actively working with a sport based organisation, Khel India Trust. This trust has its main office in Baraut and works with an objective of producing next generation sports stars in many games like Rifle Shooting, Wushu, Kabaddi, Archery and Wrestling.

Shri. Amit Rai Jain says,”Youth is the future of our country. While dreaming of a developed country, we all need to mind our work over young people. If you have sufficient resources then come forward to support young talents. If you are not having so called ample resources then at least stand with them to boost their moral in sports as well as in other sorts of startup initiatives.”