Educational Institutions

Shri Amit Rai Jain is also renowned as a reformer especially for his contribution in education sector. He is sincerely working for Girl’s education in the Western Part of Uttar Pradesh. Being General Secretary of Jain Sthanakvasi Kanya Vidyalaya Society, Baraut, Shri Amit Rai Jain is giving his valuable time in making policies. Policies that can facilitate teachers so that they can give their best in teaching girls from this area. And, also policies to make education feasible for all the girls from all the sector of society in this area.

Along with the initiatives for Girl’s education, his interest in history also bounds him to work in this area. Thus, he formed Shahjad Rai Research Centre in Baraut. Also, he is the founder of Culture and History Association in Meerut. Both organizations are working in the direction of spreading value of History in the growth of India. With the help of these, he is reforming the culture among young ones. So far, many young boys and girls have worked with him. People are noticing the historical value of their hometowns and villages.

Shri Amit Rai Jain has also formed Sanmati Jain Pustkalya, Jain Sthanak Baraut. This library has collection of several valuable books and aids all those young minds who are interested in knowing more about Jain Dharma.

One can understand that he is in love of education and spreading his knowledge about history with others. According to him, historical places, books and stories have many important concepts of life and my learning is going on a good pace. Whenever, I got time and event to share my learning… I love to reform the world with the help of my learning and experiences.

Shri Amit Rai Jain is a true follower of this saying, “An educated woman gives birth to an educated society”. Thus, you can see his presence as a true professional in Jain Sthanakvasi Girls PG College, Baraut. Being a part of the management committee, this Secretary is giving its best. Not just this educational institution, he is also a life time member of following educational institutions:

Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi

Indian Culture and History Society, New Delhi

Rock Art Society of India, Agra, U.P.

Paliyo Research Society, Himachal Pradesh