Interest in Photography

Amit Rai Jain is a person with Creative Instinct. He loves to travel and photography in free time always comes as a task in these tours. There can be holiday trips or business trips, but camera plays an important role in every sorts of outings. Well, you can get the look of his photography on his facebook page; Amitrai’s photographs archives

Nature is first love

As soon as, camera comes in hand, this young man loves to capture nature around him. Like a professional photographers, he owns many cameras in his stock. But, the pretty look of nature can impress any time…. hence, mobile clicks are also adoptable. According to him, “I just love to capture flowers, hills and sea sights. Many of the times, I arrange holidays especially to have some good pics in my collection. Certainly, it is not possible on regular basis. Hence, photographs from my mobile becomes first choice at some point.

Well, his Facebook page about photographs does have some really good mobile clicks;


Second: Historical Places

Dr. Amit Rai Jain is having keen interest in historical places. Thus, there are many days around monuments, archaeological sites and research points. As photography is a hobby, therefore, he loves to have click on these places. There is a big archive of photographs from places with historical value.