Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust

This memorial trust was founded in year 1996. Dr. Amit Rai Jain formed this trust in memory of his grandfather Shri Shahjad Rai Jain and his grandmother Smt. Kela Devi Jain. His grandfather was a renowned person in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. He was famous for his social works in the whole Jain community of this region.  Smt. Kela Devi Jain, his wife, was really supportive in his social welfare works and assisted him in organizing all sorts of social welfare events.

Dr. Amit Rai Jain is also renowned for his initiatives as a reformer. Well, we can count it as something inherited attribute from his grand-parents.  In their memory, this trust is helping people in their hardships. There are several initiatives taken under this memorial trust for social welfare;

Education for Poor Kids

Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust works for supporting kids from families with poor financial condition, especially in terms of education. There are many kids from the town and nearby villages who are receiving aid from this trust. In their education, this trust is contributing by giving them free book, bags, dresses and other necessary things so that they can continue their schooling.


Scholarship for Higher Education

Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust was formed to continue the spirit of social welfare of his grand-parents. According to their thought process, a good society needs well-educated people. Hence, this trust also comes forward in aiding intelligent boys and girls in having Higher Education. Every year, Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust, Baraut is offering scholarship for Higher Education. Dr. Amit Rai Jain especially sit with the applicant to understand his/her caliber and need of money. Thus, trust evaluate the need of total sum and allocate scholarship to young scholars. By this way, this memorial trust from Baraut is contributing in creating a better society.

Health Camps – Free Medical Checkups and Free Medicine

His grandfather Shri Shahjad Rai Jain was socially active in organizing camps for health checkups and also, spreading knowledge about having better health. Dr. Amit Rai Jain is also working in this direction.  Every year, Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust, Baraut is organizing Health Camps on the death anniversary of his grand-parents. Every year, residents of Baraut and nearby villages are having benefits of these health camps. Here, people can get free medical checkups by qualified doctors from Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Other than medical checkups, Shahjad Rai Kela Devi Jain Memorial Trust, Baraut also facilitates with free medicine. This initiative of this trust is really recognized by society. There are many people in this western part of Uttar Pradesh who appreciate Dr. Amit Rai Jain for this initiative and also actively contribute in the successful organization of these camps.