Shahjad Rai Research Institute

Dr. Amit Rai Jain is globally recognized for his work in the research of historical places and assets. In 1994, he formed this institute; Shahjad Rai Research Institute. The motive behind the formation of this institute was around the research work over places with high archaeological value. This was the first of its kind institute in western part of Uttar Pradesh.  Over the years, Shahjad Rai Research Institute has become a name across the country and also, famous in various countries for its contribution in archaeological research work. This institute runs various projects to find out the hidden facts of history and also, has its great collection over various sorts of assets with high archaeological value.

Memorable Moments

Research Work

Dr. Amit Rai Jain has a great level of interest in research work. He had written various books over the history of Western Uttar Pradesh. Shahjad Rai Research Institute had given remarkable results of research projects done in various areas of Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi-NCR. Various renowned archaeologists and researchers have visited this institute to contribute and also to see the research. Several scholar minds have been associated with the institute for accomplishing their PHD work.

Various universities across the country had invited Dr. Amit Rai Jain to share about the outcomes of research projects done by Shahjad Rai Research Institute. Teams from Delhi University have often attended on-going projects to learn more about such researches as well as archeological work. For the work done in western Uttar Pradesh, Shahjad Rai Research Institute often comes in news and Dr. Amit Rai Jain has also received a great level of reorganization in government as well as non-government sector for the research work within this institute. As a founder of this research institute, Dr. Amit Rai Jain has many experiences to share with the world. Thus, he is writing books about the findings as well as experience while doing these research projects.

Collection of Institute

There are various copper objects in the collection of this institute. Shahjad Rai Research Institute has various copper weapons procured from different parts of India. Not just arms, there are various other figures and objects in the collection. The figures in the collection of institute show raised, horizontal as well as dropping and in-curved arms. Below are few pics of objects from the collection of this institute –

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