Work As Archaeologist

According to Shri Amit Rai Jain, History is the base of that dreamed building of developed country. We need to understand valuable aspects from our history to be really rich and developed country. Thus, Archaeology has its importance for the nation.

Being Achaeologist, Shri Amit Rai Jain had given many valuable contribution. Especially in the areas of Western Uttar Pradesh and Delh-NCR, there are many historical places researched by him. In 1995, Shri Amit Rai Jain formed Shahjad Rai Research Center. In the Doaab Area of Yamuna Hindan, he researched  many places with great historical value.

Along with Archaeological Surey of India, Dehi, Shri Amit Rai Jain had researched “Chandrayaan Purasthal”, a colony area of Sindhu Civilization Period and also, Shavaadhan Kendra, Sinauli from the same historical period.

Shri Amit Rai Jain has also worked over the research of Pandulipi, Tamrpatras, Art Work from ancient era. In 2015, his work over research of Prastarkaalin Colonies in Delhi NCR area got huge appreciation.

He has given many valuable archaeological assets as donated things for many museums. Following are few history and archaeology based museums which has his contribution as an archaeologist:

History Department Museum, Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut

Meerut Swatantrta Sangram Sangrahalaya, Meerut

Shobhit University Premise Muesuem

History Department Museum, R. G. Girls Degree College, Meerut

History Department Museum, Multani Mal Modi Mahavidyalaya


Some Memorable moments


‘Harappa-era’ copper vessel found in Baghpat village.
~ Sandeep Rai (TOI)

Amit Rai Jain, director of Baraut-based Shehzad Rai Research Institute made the discovery.

Meerut: The discovery of a copper vessel, which local historians claim, belongs to the Harappan period, from an ancient mound at Putthi village of Baghpat has generated a lot of curiosity among local residents and scholars. A former official of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) said the interesting discovery and other such finds in the region in recent years warrant extensive excavation here.
Kamal Sharma, former superintending archaeologist, ASI (excavation section), said, “This is definitely an interesting find and, in fact, all the similar findings found in 200km-radius should be combined to initiate exhaustive research.”

Amit Rai Jain, director of Baraut-based Shehzad Rai Research Institute, who had found a human skeleton wearing a copper crown with carnelian beads in Chandayan village of Baghpat in 2014, made the discovery. [Read More….]

Archaeological Search for Lakshagraha in Barnava, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh

 According to the local people in Barnava, Lakshagrah of Mahabharta age was in this area. Dr. Amit Rai Jain was also studying about the area from many years. He had pointed out few marks of Lakshagrah which was a famous place in the story of Mahabharta. This was the palace formed using Lakha, a flammable material to kill Pandavas. However, all of them were able to escape from this palace using a tunnel.

Dr. Amit Rai Jain was putting his sincere efforts for research work over this place and involvement of ASI in this project.

Finally, this archaeological research project has been started on 10th January 2017. A big team of researchers along with Dr. Amit Rai Jain and few other friends are working to engrave the history of Lakshagraha.

This is a big project for the whole nation as this will give more substantial proof to the story of Mahabharta.